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About AFS Nederland

AFS has been providing intercultural exchanges for Dutch and foreign students aged 15 to 18 years and volunteer work abroad for 18+ since 1947. AFS aims to promote understanding between different cultures and to learn from them. AFS is a non-profit organization with a small paid staff that mainly runs on volunteers.

Are you interested in other cultures?
AFS is looking for volunteers for various activities:
* supervisors of students / pupils
* supervisors of host families where the students stay during their exchange year
* organizing activities for students and their host families in the Utrecht region
* recruiting new host families
* providing information at schools for recruiting Dutch exchange students and providing information for recruiting host families.

AFS offers good guidance, many (international) contacts and cooperation with enthusiastic fellow volunteers. You work from home. The working area is Utrecht and the surrounding area.

You have basic knowledge of the English language (the aim is that the students have a reasonable to good command of the Dutch language by the end of the year). Because you are dealing with young people from different cultures, it is important that you have social and communication skills. You are interested in other cultures and you can think flexibly. AFS works with a digital system via the internet. Affinity with young people and culture is self-evident.
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