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IJsclub Siberia

IJsclub Siberia



Every season an outdoor party at De Watertoren Ice Rink in Utrecht Overvecht.

We also organize activities around Skatebaan Ruigenhoek in the Noorderpark.

Well-known events are: Skate Party, Summer ...

Art & cultureNature & sustainabilitySport & recreation

Track makers and Ice masters

1–4 hrs/wk
La Bohèmedreef 7, 3561 KW Utrecht, Nederland
SportsEvents & festivalOutdoorsSupervisingSocial contactCoordinationDutch
Art & cultureNature & sustainabilitySport & recreation
Good health and well-beingSustainable cities and communitiesLife on land
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We are looking for track makers and ice masters (senior and junior) to help us at ice rink De Watertoren of Ice Club Siberia, Overvecht.

Detailed description

We are currently following government guidelines regarding the coronavirus. Activities are mainly prepared online.

The natural ice rink of Ice Club Siberia is located in Park De Watertoren. Do you get warm when temperatures drop below freezing. Do you enjoy working with fire hoses and standpipes and thinking about ice quality?

In addition, you are the host or hostess of our club. The whole has a small-scale and cozy character, the natural ice master is also the pleasant point of contact during opening hours. You think along and arrange other skating activities on the ice rink, such as curling, sleigh rides and ice hockey. You are in conversation with the participants and you help them to put on the loaner skates. In addition, you help to bring the skates back into storage clean.

Does this warm you, can you be deployed flexibly and do you have nice suggestions or plans that match?

We offer a natural ice master 12+ m/f course from the KNSB.

We are open to your idea! Get moving and call or email us.

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs🤝 Extra support

Getting there

About IJsclub Siberia

Every season an outdoor party at De Watertoren Ice Rink in Utrecht Overvecht.

We also organize activities around Skatebaan Ruigenhoek in the Noorderpark.

Well-known events are: Skate Party, Summer Party, Autumn Party and Winter Party Glow in the Park. After 4 nights of severe frost ... Ice skating party at Ice Rink Park De Watertoren.

Are you also participating? Together with many partners, we bring young and old (er) together in #Overvecht. Together we work on attractive outdoor activities. #ijsclubsiberia #Utrecht
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