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The Intermediate Facility Foundation offers various forms of shelter and guidance to people in a vulnerable situation.

Our target group often has to deal with complex and multiple problems ...

WellbeingCommunity & familyRefugees & minorities

Enthusiastic cooks and assistant cooks homeless shelter

2–3 hrs/wk
Jansveld 51, 3512 AK Utrecht, Netherlands
Cooking & eating
Sport & recreationWellbeingCommunity & family
Zero hunger
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Come and cook for the homeless in Utrecht in a professional kitchen.

Detailed description

Chefs wanted for the homeless shelter. Accept the challenge, learn how to cook for 70 people and become our SMULPAAP! Are you someone or do you know someone who wants to learn something new. During an extensive familiarization process, you will learn to use the kitchen including a steam oven and learn how to handle it conveniently when cooking for large groups. You don't have to be a creative master chef if you learn a few good dishes, you ensure that we can serve a healthy, tasty meal for homeless people in Utrecht all year round.

To give you an impression, watch the following video:

Every day one of the volunteer chefs cooks a meal for about 60 guests with the help of a team of enthusiastic volunteers. Do you enjoy cooking, do you have the time to work at least twice a month and do you enjoy getting to know new people, please contact us.

Here are a few more videos with enthusiastic volunteers:

What we will provide to volunteers

🤝 Extra support

Getting there

Volunteering in Utrecht > Utrecht Opportunities > Stichting De Tussenvoorziening > Enthusiastic cooks and assistant cooks homeless shelter

About Stichting De Tussenvoorziening

The Intermediate Facility Foundation offers various forms of shelter and guidance to people in a vulnerable situation.

Our target group often has to deal with complex and multiple problems. Our goal is that people can once again participate fully and (as) independently (as possible) in society.

About 500 volunteers and about 450 paid employees work at the Intermediate Facility.
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