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The Seguro Foundation offers shelter to homeless children, women and men without a right of residence. The Seguro Foundation provides temporary shelter for the most vulnerable group of people who do ...

WellnessChildren & youthRefugees & minorities

ICT specialist wanted

1‚Äď2 hrs/wk
2e Daalsedijk 2, 3551 EB Utrecht, Netherlands
ITData ScienceDutchElectronicsProgramming
WellnessChildren & youthRefugees & minorities
Life on land
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Experienced ICT professional who can add knowledge to our foundation.

Detailed description

Within Seguro we have a small network of desktops, laptops and printers. Work is done from a server, with options to work from home.

We think it is important that this can be done adequately and properly. Knowledge about this is only limited within our foundation.

We are happy to bring this expertise in-house. So if that's you, come and talk to us!

It is important that everything remains installed, working and updated. The call function is also important to us; that if there are any problems we can be in touch as soon as possible to get it resolved together.

Because well... a day without a working computer is a challenge for work.

Finally, we work a lot with privacy-sensitive information. AVG proof is a precondition for our work. Our PCs and our working methods have been adapted to this. We would like to keep this up-to-date every year.

We also ask for knowledge and ideas for this.

Would you like to work within a driven team and make your contribution, especially in this important area. Let us know.

PS; compensation for good ICT work is negotiable

What volunteers needūüėá Disclosure and Barring Service

ūüó£ÔłŹ Native language skills

What we will provide to volunteers

ūüíł Reimbursement of costsūü§Ě Extra support

Getting there

About Stichting Seguro

The Seguro Foundation offers shelter to homeless children, women and men without a right of residence. The Seguro Foundation provides temporary shelter for the most vulnerable group of people who do not have the necessary documents for a valid stay in the Netherlands. Vulnerable means that these people are in such bad shape physically and / or psychologically that a stay on the street is impossible for them.

In addition to temporary housing, the Seguro Foundation also offers an intensive process from activation to a new independent future here or elsewhere in the world. Legal opportunities are also being investigated, with a view to staying in the Netherlands as well as in a third country or in the country of origin. This guidance is possible thanks to the efforts of many volunteers, including mentors.

For many people who are not entitled to a residence permit, return is not an option. This may be related to their family life, long-term residence, illness or flight history. The result is that many are forced to live illegally, without shelter and without rights. They are not allowed to be here, but they cannot return to their country of origin. This life is hard and makes people who were powerful, had the courage to leave and leave everything behind, sick.

Thanks to the support of the municipality, the Seguro Foundation has been able to employ a number of professionals who provide support to the volunteers. At its core, the Seguro Foundation is a volunteer organization.

Fanga Musow (Krachtige Vrouwen) offers shelter with supervision to five vulnerable undocumented women and their children. Fanga Musow was founded in 2003 and since then 53 women and 43 children have lived in the shelter. This project is realized through the efforts of many volunteers and is completely dependent on sponsors, donors and funds. See also

Who is our target audience?

Seguro's target group consists of undocumented people from the city of Utrecht who have difficulty surviving on the street. We give priority to people with both psychological and other medical problems, who live on the street and have few social contacts.
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