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The Utrecht Food Bank Foundation focuses on people in Utrecht who live on or around the social minimum and who are in financial need. Specific income requirements do apply to participate in the ...

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Distribution volunteers Food Bank Overvecht Noord (every Monday)

4ā€“8 hrs/wk
Gambiadreef, 3564 ES Utrecht, Nederland
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For an issue point of the Food Bank Overvecht we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers for Mondays!!

Detailed description


In Buurtcentrum de Boog we have a distribution every Monday.

What are you going to do?

Together with the coordinator and a team of volunteers, you will ensure that the food packages are ready for the participants. This means that you will divide the incoming products among the packages, help with the distribution of the packages and afterwards ensure that the space can be cleaned up again.


If you are physically strong because there is the necessary lugging work involved!

If you are social and like to work together!

If you are available every week on Monday from 9:00 to 16:00! (if you are not available every week but for example every other week, sign up anyway)

What volunteers need

šŸ—£ļø Native language skills

Getting there

Volunteering in Utrecht > Utrecht Opportunities > Stichting Voedselbank Utrecht > Distribution volunteers Food Bank Overvecht Noord (every Monday)

About Stichting Voedselbank Utrecht

The Utrecht Food Bank Foundation focuses on people in Utrecht who live on or around the social minimum and who are in financial need. Specific income requirements do apply to participate in the project. The Food Bank provides emergency aid in the form of free food. Social legal support is also provided. Every week, free food packages are distributed from various distribution points in Utrecht. The content of the packages differs per week, depending on the offer of the suppliers. The distribution points also serve as a meeting place and are run by volunteers from the neighborhood. Time and attention for the participants are central points in the approach of the volunteers. Volunteers serve coffee and tea, there is time and space for a chat. The packages must be collected in person within the opening hours of the relevant issue point. It is periodically tested whether the help is still necessary.
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