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Taal Doet Meer, with 1000 volunteers per year, ensures that Utrecht residents can participate in society. Learning the Dutch language is a common thread in our work. Language is necessary to find a ...

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Ontwikkelen van gezondheidsvaardigheden door taalcoaching (methodiek Gezonde Taal)

Workshop · 18 Apr 2018, 10:00
Koningin Wilhelminalaan 8, 3527 LD Utrecht, Netherlands
WellbeingChildren & youthPeople with disabilities
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Detailed description

Gezonde Taal! richt zich op de combinatie van taalcoaching en gezondheidsvoorlichting. Rondom diverse gezondheidsthema’s hebben we mooie themabrieven ontwikkeld.
Als taalcoach help je de cursisten een stap verder te komen in het maken van bewuste keuzes in hoe zij met hun gezondheid omgaan en hoe ze dat zelf ook kunnen vormgeven. Tijdens de workshop vertellen we over de opzet van de methodiek. Er komen praktijkvoorbeelden aan de orde en we staan stil bij het begrip gezondheidsvaardigheden.
Je leert over de themabrieven en hoe de bijbehorende handleidingen te gebruiken.

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About Taal Doet Meer

Taal Doet Meer, with 1000 volunteers per year, ensures that Utrecht residents can participate in society. Learning the Dutch language is a common thread in our work. Language is necessary to find a job, talk to your children's teacher, go to the doctor, work with a computer or do your homework.

Voluntary language coaches offer language coaching and activation to men and women who do not have Dutch as their mother tongue. Our volunteer mentors support students with language and schoolwork. They receive extra support to make a good start in first year and when doing homework.

Our work benefits everyone involved: students get to know the language and society. Students perform better in school. Volunteers broaden their horizons, develop their social skills and contribute to understanding and cohesion within Utrecht society.
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