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U Centraal is an urban welfare organization in Utrecht. Professionals and volunteers provide information, advice, contact and practical help. U Centraal points the way to everyone who lives, works or ...

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Do you help fellow Utrechters out of financial problems?

4–8 hrs/wk
Drift 11, 3512 EK Utrecht, Netherlands
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WellbeingPeople with disabilitiesOlder people
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As a financial volunteer you come to someone's home for a while to help with administration and financial issues.

Detailed description

Do you have a quick overview of a mountain of information and do you find it a challenge to find out what someone is financially entitled to? Become a home administration volunteer!

For a number of months to a year you will regularly visit someone at home to offer support with questions about finances and administration. You do not take the work off your client's hands, but offer guidance so that he or she can continue on their own after a while. We link you to a client that matches your experience and wishes.


You guide the client in, among other things, performing:

• The financial administration

• Sort and store mail items

• Arranging financial affairs via the internet

• Create an overview of income and expenses

• Request or check the allowances and facilities

• Dealing with or going to authorities

• Coaching on self-reliance and self-confidence

We offer:

• Practice-oriented training, guidance and an organization you can fall back on

• Interesting volunteer work where you can really make a difference with your knowledge and experience

• A place where you can gain (relevant) work experience.

• A few times a year fun activities and workshops for volunteers

We ask:

• You have HBO work and thinking level.

• You have a good command of the Dutch language (speaking and writing skills).

• You are available for 1 half day (or more) per week, for at least one year.

• A Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). There are no costs attached to this.

• You are prepared to gain new knowledge through (additional) training. Detailed knowledge of laws and regulations is not necessary.

Your qualities:

• You have good social skills.

• You can encourage clients to use their knowledge and skills. So that they get and keep more control over their administration.

• You know how to trace the most important elements from complex information.

• You can work independently, but know to ask for help in time where necessary.

More information:

For more information, please contact one of the employees of Team FIA, U Centraal via the pink button below.

U Centraal works together with the Interim Provision, Humanitas, Al Amal and Schuldhulpmetje in the field of voluntary commitment to finance and administration. Together with these organizations we form the 'Platform Financial Volunteer Utrecht'

We organize joint training courses and work together in the recruitment and supervision of volunteers.

What volunteers need😇 Disclosure and Barring Service

🗣️ Native language skills

What we will provide to volunteers

🤝 Extra support

Getting there

Volunteering in Utrecht > Utrecht Opportunities > U Centraal > Do you help fellow Utrechters out of financial problems?

About U Centraal

U Centraal is an urban welfare organization in Utrecht. Professionals and volunteers provide information, advice, contact and practical help. U Centraal points the way to everyone who lives, works or cares in Utrecht. U Centraal also provides local care providers with expertise on a number of themes.
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