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VC Utrecht is located in the middle of the city: literally and figuratively! From our building on the Bemuurd Weerd OZ, we stimulate and connect voluntary work in Utrecht, including with our ...


Lecture - Rick Kwekkeboom about loneliness

Workshop · 25 Nov, 19:30 - 20:45
Boothstraat 7, 3512 BT Utrecht, Nederland
Are you going? 75 spots left. Signups closing in a month.
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Do you recognize loneliness and do you know what to do or what not to do? In this lecture, Dr. ir. Rick Kwekkeboom shares her insights.

Detailed description


The lecture will take place at De Zalen van Zeven, Boothstraat location. If it is unfortunately not possible to have the lecture physically take place due to the corona measures, the lecture will be provided online.

Target audience

All residents of Utrecht are welcome. Participation is free.


Feeling lonely every now and then is part of life. In most cases, that feeling will go away on its own. It is different when loneliness persists. According to the Health Survey 2018, 40% of Utrecht residents from the age of 19 are lonely at times, 10% of which are seriously lonely. The number of seriously lonely Utrecht residents is increasing. The problem in Utrecht is big and it will get bigger.

During this lecture, Rick Kwekkeboom takes us on a tour of what we can do as an involved resident, volunteer and/or professional within this theme. Also: what is loneliness the result of? What is the role of a 'more inclusive society' and that of social networks and informal care? In doing so, she also covers the do's and don'ts for yourself or someone else when dealing with loneliness.


dr. ir. Rick Kwekkeboom (1958) is a lecturer in 'long-term care and support' at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In 2001 she obtained her doctorate for a study into the support and capacity for socialization in mental health care and since its foundation in 2019 she has been a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Coalition One against Loneliness.


7 p.m. - room open for a cup of coffee and tea

7.30 pm - opening lecture

19.35 - start lecture

8.15 pm - questions from the audience

8.45 pm - end of lecture and closing drink (depending on the corona measures applicable in due course)

9.30 pm - end


This lecture is offered free of charge to all residents of Utrecht by VC Utrecht in collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht and Netwerk Informele Zorg Utrecht (NIZU) as part of the Utrecht approach to loneliness.

Photo credits: Valerie Granberg

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About VC Utrecht

VC Utrecht is located in the middle of the city: literally and figuratively! From our building on the Bemuurd Weerd OZ, we stimulate and connect voluntary work in Utrecht, including with our well-attended digital vacancy database, projects such as Nieuwe Utrechters and events such as the Beursvloer. We appreciate volunteers with the Volunteer Trophy and the Valuation Month, among other things. Volunteers and organizations can contact us for free workshops and (tailor-made) advice.

We realize new collaborations on social issues and other ways in which old and new residents of the city want to volunteer for each other.

We are 12 part-time employees, approximately 12 volunteers and a Supervisory Board.
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