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VC Utrecht is located in the middle of the city: literally and figuratively! From our building on the Bemuurd Weerd OZ, we stimulate and connect voluntary work in Utrecht, including with our ...


The practice of good governance

Workshop · 16 Nov, 19:00 - 21:00
Bemuurde Weerd Oostzijde 3, 3514 AN Utrecht, Nederland
Are you going? 12 spots left. Signups closing in 22 days.
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What should you consider when considering good governance of a volunteer organisation? In this workshop, as a (prospective) board member, you will be included in the framework.

Detailed description

Target audience

(Aspiring) board members of Utrecht associations and foundations.


Level requirements/prior knowledge

Some degree of experience in coordinating within a volunteer organization, common sense and above all curiosity.



Voluntary organizations also increasingly have to meet quality requirements that are set for a board. The recently introduced Act on Management and Supervision of Legal Entities (WBTR) underlines this. What should you think about in practice with good governance? It requires every organization to be aware of who you are, where you come from, what your focus is and what your goals are. That is why you need to know what the rules are that you have to adhere to internally and externally. And you must ensure clear agreements about the processes and the organizational structure.

The workshop starts with an introduction to legal entities and the importance of a clear objective for your volunteer organization. Subsequently, a number of themes that are essential for good governance are discussed:

  • Risk management: financial management, liabilities, GDPR.
  • Accountability: how do you account to each other, how do you deal with contradictions?
  • Collegiality: how do you organize collaboration in the board, including delegation?
  • Responsiveness: how do you shape the interaction with your environment and relevant networks?
  • Democracy: how do you make decisions, who is involved?

In addition, a number of practical matters will also be discussed: how do you implement the annual agenda, organize meetings and are the right people in the right place, including on the board?


After this meeting, you as a (future) board member will be more aware of the requirements that good governance places on you. You can determine your position in this and take the necessary steps.


Ine van Emmerik is a lawyer, psychologist and writer. She worked in the corporate world for years and then started her own company. Extraval stimulates sustainable development by focusing on what you learn while doing and what you do while learning. She supports people and organizations with development issues through advice, project management and coaching. Ine bases her workshop partly on her own broad administrative experience, in recent years especially in the social domain of Utrecht. At KNHM she is a voluntary advisor to citizens' initiatives. She wrote, among other things, Learning without a safety net.

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About VC Utrecht

VC Utrecht is located in the middle of the city: literally and figuratively! From our building on the Bemuurd Weerd OZ, we stimulate and connect voluntary work in Utrecht, including with our well-attended digital vacancy database, projects such as Nieuwe Utrechters and events such as the Beursvloer. We appreciate volunteers with the Volunteer Trophy and the Valuation Month, among other things. Volunteers and organizations can contact us for free workshops and (tailor-made) advice.

We realize new collaborations on social issues and other ways in which old and new residents of the city want to volunteer for each other.

We are 12 part-time employees, approximately 12 volunteers and a Supervisory Board.
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Are you going? 12 spots left. Signups closing in 22 days.
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