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VC Utrecht is located in the middle of the city: literally and figuratively! From our building on the Bemuurd Weerd OZ, we stimulate and connect voluntary work in Utrecht, including with our ...


Intercultural communication

Workshop · 17 Mar 2022, 19:00 - 22:00
Bemuurde Weerd Oostzijde 3, 3514 AN Utrecht, Nederland
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In this workshop you will gain (more) understanding of cultural differences and the forms of communication that can have a positive effect on the relationship with the other person.

Detailed description

Target audience

Volunteers, coordinators and board members. No prior knowledge is required.


As a volunteer you have to deal with people from all kinds of cultures. Sometimes we not only literally speak a different language, the mutual cultures can also differ enormously. Culture is an integral part of who we are and how we communicate with others.

Understanding cultural differences and different forms of communication have a positive effect on the relationship with the other person, such as your student(s) or buddy(s). That is why, during this interactive workshop, we will look for our own cultural values and those of others, based on cases from our own practice.

After the workshop you will have more insight into your own norms and values pattern and you will receive tools to bridge cultural differences and to apply this in your volunteer work.


Frederike Lijffijt is a social psychologist and has extensive knowledge of (intercultural) communication. She was a teacher-trainer Professional Conversation Skills at Utrecht University, contributed to the book 'Effective Intercultural Communication' and works as a team leader at the Dutch Council for Refugees.

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About VC Utrecht

VC Utrecht is located in the middle of the city: literally and figuratively! From our building on the Bemuurd Weerd OZ, we stimulate and connect voluntary work in Utrecht, including with our well-attended digital vacancy database, projects such as Nieuwe Utrechters and events such as the Beursvloer. We appreciate volunteers with the Volunteer Trophy and the Valuation Month, among other things. Volunteers and organizations can contact us for free workshops and (tailor-made) advice.

We realize new collaborations on social issues and other ways in which old and new residents of the city want to volunteer for each other.

We are 12 part-time employees, approximately 12 volunteers and a Supervisory Board.
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