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Villa Vrede

Villa Vrede



Villa Vrede is a day care and activity center for undocumented migrants in Hoograven, Utrecht. The goal of Villa Vrede is to offer people without a residence permit a place where they can meet people, ...

WellbeingRefugees & minoritiesGender equality

Host/hostess for day-care centre and empowerment house for refugees

4–6 hrs/wk
Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Children & youthRefugees & minoritiesGender equality
Good health and well-beingReduced inequalitiesPeace, justice and strong institutions
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Making people feel at home and help with household chores

Detailed description

Do you like welcoming people and making them quickly feel at home? And do you also like practical work and motivating people? If so, we are looking for you! 


  • A fun and dynamic workplace in a multicultural team 
  • The chance to contribute to an inspiring place, where everyone feels welcome and valued 
  • The chance to offer a listening ear to people who are keen to share their story with you 
  • The chance to contribute to a safe house for a vulnerable group of people 
  • The opportunity to grow and learn, discover your strengths and make the most of your talents 
  • ​A good working atmosphere where hard work and fun go hand in hand 
  • ​A hot lunch every day and coffee/tea as required. 

We are open from 9:00 to 17:00 from Wednesday to Saturday. You will work one half-day shift per week or per two weeks. Working hours are from 9:00–13:30 or 13:00–17:30. We plan to also extend to Tuesday from October/November and are looking for new staff for these days. 


  • Welcoming visitors and making them feel at home. 
  • Answering questions and referring people to others where necessary. 
  • Providing coffee/tea, groceries etc. 
  • Helping with the laundry and other domestic tasks. 
  • Helping visitors with tasks and activities. 
  • Making sure that the house stays clean and tidy. 


A commitment of 4.5 hours per week/two weeks. 

An active and enthusiastic approach. 

Flexibility and openness. 

An interest in different cultures. 

A practical and people-oriented attitude, or the willingness to adopt one. 

A willingness to work with others. 

Most importantly, however, we would like you to be yourself. 

Are you interested? Come along and get to know the organisation and the team. 

After an introduction, you will be scheduled to work with someone else for a few shifts. It will soon become clear on both sides whether this work is a good fit for you! 

For more information about Villa Vrede, visit our profile page. 

What we will provide to volunteers

🤝 Extra support

Getting there

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About Villa Vrede

Villa Vrede is a day care and activity center for undocumented migrants in Hoograven, Utrecht. The goal of Villa Vrede is to offer people without a residence permit a place where they can meet people, relax and develop further. A place to simply be, to get a face, to feel safe, to build a social network and to be stimulated to self-reliance.

How we do this? By offering a living room where people are always welcome. By cooking a hot meal every day and running the household together. And by setting up activities; from language lessons to sewing lessons and from information meetings about human rights to anti-stress groups.

Villa Vrede is run by approximately 60 volunteers, including people from the target group, and 3 paid employees.

In short, Villa Vrede is a place where everyone can feel welcome.
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