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Werken Aan De Toekomst

About Werken Aan De Toekomst

At the Working On The Future foundation, we focus on social prosperity. We form a platform for the innovative Utrecht - who wants to make our urban environment more liveable, sustainable, happier and more social.

Working On The Future (WADT) is the organization that helps this Utrecht with a social wish. We advise, facilitate, recruit and guide. We take a good idea further into a social project with impact. We did this successfully for five years and we will continue to do so.

WADT is a young foundation with young, passionate board members. We therefore focus on young Utrecht people between the ages of 18 and 35, because we believe we can guide them well. Because we can help them further. We are a talented club, full of enthusiasm and diversity. We innovate and focus on lasting change. Together is a keyword here.

Ownership of your project
At WADT you get ownership of your project. A project arises from your idea, which you design, develop and implement. Or rather, you and your project group. Because you never work on the future alone.

WADT supports where necessary. For example if you have trouble making your idea concrete. Or when you submit a subsidy application or want to design a communication message. We can also connect you with parties in our network or offer you the right tools to conduct an investigation. In short, we are here for you. But the project remains yours.

This makes a social project at WADT a challenging process. You put study knowledge or work experience into practice and acquire a lot of knowledge in a relatively short time. You learn to research, organize, communicate and work together in a close-knit team. That is why at WADT you not only work on a beautiful society, but also on yourself.

Workshops and networking
In addition, WADT has an extensive network. Together with them, we regularly organize various activities or workshops on a personal and professional level, on topics that you need. Sounds good right? WADT the place to expand your network. With people from your project team, but also outside it: during your project at WADT we create meetings between the different project teams and the partners of WADT. Valuable for now and for later.
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