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What can VC Utrecht do for your organisation?

Organisations and initiatives can use our website free of charge: we offer a stage to showcase your volunteering opportunities and your organisation or initiative. Create an account and you can get started right away: post opportunities and follow training courses. You can also post your own community events, trainings and workshops.

I need volunteers

As an organisation, you need an account with us to be able to post opportunities and to participate in our supply. With an account you can also search the supply pool: volunteers who have a profile on our website.


Our advisoes are true experts in the field of voluntary commitment! Feel free to contact them for all your questions regarding volunteer policies, regulations, compensation, insurance, collaboration, pioneering, etc.


Vrijwilligers, coördinatoren en bestuursleden van Utrechtse organisaties kunnen meedoen aan ons gratis(!) workshopaanbod. Kijk ook eens in ons e-learningportal: daar vind je veel leerzame modules.

Jonge vrijwilligers

Wil jij ook jongeren in jouw organisatie? Jonge vrijwilligers zorgen voor een frisse wind met vernieuwende, verrassende ideeën en energie! In de maatschappelijke stage maken ze kennis met vrijwilligerswerk.

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Need a promotion?

Portray a volunteer

Let us portray a volunteer of your organization! No better advertisement than a first-hand story! We will share the portrait in the urban campaign 'Volunteering, something for you', via the site and socials!


Extra attention for your organisation and opportunities? We offer several free promotions with our Spotlight section. Which option do you choose?


Do you want new photos for your website? Nice portraits of the people who work for your organisation? Or do you want to portray all the events you organise? Our MediaMakers are happy to capture it for you!

Share your workshop

Does your organisation organise training courses and could you use a more diverse group of participants? Then open your training(s) to volunteers from Utrecht and offer the workshops via our website. Free of charge for every organisation with an account on our site!

The BasisBox: For starting organisations

We collected a lot of information about recruiting, selecting and dealing with volunteers in our BasisBox!

Our advisers

Moyra Haaxma[email protected]adviseur
06 - 22649459
Mirjam van Dijk[email protected]adviseur
06 - 82159358
Rosalie Lansing[email protected]adviseur
06 - 57503371
Robin Izelaar-Laisina[email protected]adviseur
06 - 82006976