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The Wegloophuis offers, on the basis of small-scale, individual responsibility and independence, support and guidance to people who are looking for a relief from regular psychiatry. The Runaway Home ...

WellbeingPeople with disabilities


2–6 hrs/wk
Waterstraat 11, 3511 BW Utrecht, Netherlands
WellbeingPeople with disabilities
Good health and well-being
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Can you help our residents and team with jobs around the house?

Detailed description

St.Wegloophuis Utrecht offers shelter and support to people with a psychiatric background. The foundation is looking for a handy, knowledgeable and enthusiastic person who will help us with maintenance jobs in and around the building. No specific requirements requested, other than of course a knack - and especially fun in jobs. Think of: putting together cabinets / painting / hanging locks / hanging and connecting lamps and electricity / and the like. We do larger jobs together with the team and residents as much as possible.

Some affinity with psychiatry is desirable.

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs🤝 Extra support

Getting there

About Stichting Wegloophuis Utrecht

The Wegloophuis offers, on the basis of small-scale, individual responsibility and independence, support and guidance to people who are looking for a relief from regular psychiatry. The Runaway Home is a haven for those who have been dealt with, an escape option for those running away (with or without judicial clearance) and a temporary place for people who want time out from mainstream institutions.

In addition, the Wegloophuis also receives people from a home situation to prevent further relapse. Finally, by offering a walk-in facility, the Wegloophuis wants to offer support to and be a "meeting place" for people with a psychiatric background.

The statutes describe the objective of the Wegloophuis as follows: “To promote, establish and maintain a house (runaway house) in Utrecht for the benefit of people who have run away from psychiatric institutions, especially in the Utrecht region. […] ”. In addition to this described objective, the Wegloophuis has an unwritten ideology that still lives on since its foundation:

The Wegloophuis does not work with files and diagnoses, but with people. The Wegloophuis tries to get people out of their labeling by encouraging them to act themselves and not to treat them. Based on an equal 'people to people' approach, in which respect and personal responsibility are central, the Wegloophuis tries to create a basis of trust. Residents' self-confidence can grow again and they are encouraged to take their own lives into their own hands.

Both the Wegloophuis and the Vervolghuis opt for small-scale shelter in the middle of society. In a "normal" house on a "normal" street in a "normal" neighborhood, residents enjoy themselves more and are not alienated from society. The foundation also tries to achieve integration in its own 2 buildings by letting part of it to a residential group.

The Wegloophuis is an open, low-threshold shelter, without assistance plans and therapies. Guidance is free and takes place on the initiative of the resident. However, the employees do supervise compliance with the house rules.
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