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In Café Averechts you can hang around the bar carefree and still mean something to the world. We give away all our profits. And we do that in two ways. First of all, we have the tip jar. Every two ...

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Sound engineer wanted

Organisation role · 1–3 hrs/Week
Lijsterstraat 51, 3514 EE Utrecht, Netherlands
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Community & family
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Volunteers Café Averechts is looking for a sound engineer for our monthly Blues dance evening.

Detailed description

Café Averechts is run by a group of volunteers who have been running Café Averechts for over 35 years. All profits are given away to the charity, which we choose ourselves every two months. We have several groups in our pub. The cooking crew that prepares a delicious three-course meal every Sunday for €12.50, the tap group that is responsible for the evening itself, the music group that takes care of the performances and the art committee that provides new art every 3/4 months.

We are looking for a sound engineer for our monthly Blues dance evening.

This evening takes place every third Thursday of the month between 20:00 and 00:00 in Café Averechts and is co-organized by Swing Utrecht. You take care of the sound check and the sound during the performance of the regular blues band that evening. You then connect the equipment of the DJ who will be playing after the blues band. You are also responsible for monitoring the applicable noise limits within our café. Knowledge of sound and sound technology and affinity with blues music is a plus.

If this is something for you, let us know!

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About Averechts

In Café Averechts you can hang around the bar carefree and still mean something to the world. We give away all our profits. And we do that in two ways. First of all, we have the tip jar. Every two months we have a project that we support. The conditions: no overheads, concrete, original, world-improving and promoting self-reliance. How does it work? You tip. Preferably as much as possible. On the wall behind the bar is where your tip will go. We put your money in a jar. And after two months we double the amount and send it to charity. Anyway, simple and clear. Then there is the profit. Method two. Of course, we use the profit to pay our energy bills, and the drinks and so on, but we also give the rest away. And where that is going, you can also see: on the bulletin board.

Only volunteers work at cafe Averechts. Behind the bar and in the kitchen, because on Sundays we transform the cafe into an eatery. Furthermore, there is music, poetry, art and all kinds of theme cafes.

A cozy cafe with a good heart!
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