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Finding your way to activities and services is not self-evident in Utrecht Noordoost: not only is there a huge range, but a service or activity is often difficult to find or it is not easy to fathom ...

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Northeast Neighborhood Guide

Organisation role · 1–2 hrs/Week
Veeartsenijstraat 123, 3572 DD Utrecht, Netherlands
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Wijkwijzer Noordoost
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Do you live in Utrecht Noordoost and do you want to help develop the Wijkwijzer into the information point of and for local residents?

Detailed description

Wijkwijzer Noordoost is looking for a manager who wants to help develop the Wijkwijzer Noordnoost into the information point of the district so that residents, residents' initiatives and organizations can find each other. Do you live in Utrecht Noordoost, are you looking for a volunteer job and do you like to work for neighbors? Do you want to help strengthen the liveliness and social structure in our neighborhood together with fellow residents and help realize the ambitions of the Wijkwijzer? Mail via the pink button below for an introductory meeting!

What does the Wijkwijzer do?

The Wijkwijzer helps residents in Utrecht NoordOost to find their way in the neighbourhood, in what is available. We do this with an online platform, by helping fellow residents in person, by email or by telephone and through theme meetings with partners.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a neighbor with a heart for the neighborhood and an eye for differences in the neighborhood. Someone with administrative experience and a warm network in the city and district, or who can quickly build it up. Someone who actively thinks along and participates and can fulfill an ambassador function. An enterprising manager who also rolls up his sleeves to give the Wijkwijzer a solid foundation. In short, an active person who wants to commit to 8 hours a month for at least three years.

Tasks management

The board ensures a solid foundation, ensures continuity of the organization, determines the strategy, regularly consults with the core team of volunteers and supervises the implementation. The board acts as a sounding board for the core team.

The board determines the division of tasks together and appoints a chairman and secretary from among its members. The secretary is responsible for the reporting of meetings and decisions and the correspondence of the board. The chairman leads the board, sets the agenda and leads the meetings. In coordination with the core team, the chairman acts as the figurehead of the Wijkwijzer. The areas of attention of a general manager are determined in consultation. A specific description is available for the position of treasurer. The board makes mutual agreements about internal and external representation and mutual replacement.

Treasurer specific tasks

  • take responsibility for financial management
  • preparing and monitoring budgets, project and subsidy applications
  • manage creditors and debtors
  • taking care of the financial statements and annual accounts
  • inform board about the financial state of affairs
  • think along about the (financial) course of the organization

What do we offer?

  • a responsible position at a small volunteer organization with a large network that is in development and has potential
  • the opportunity to get to know the neighbourhood, fellow residents and networks better
  • The opportunity to be of significance to neighbors and the neighbourhood, that neighbors can find their place(s), initiatives, activities and networks.
  • a voluntary position in a new board of a newly established foundation.
  • the opportunity to help shape the course and further development of the organization

Is this something for you or do you want to know more? Mail via the pink button below.

What volunteers need

🗣️ Native language skills

Getting there

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About Wijkwijzer Noordoost

Finding your way to activities and services is not self-evident in Utrecht Noordoost: not only is there a huge range, but a service or activity is often difficult to find or it is not easy to fathom what a neighborhood resident can expect. All this means that, unfortunately, residents with a demand and supply do not meet each other enough. And as local residents, we are going to do something about that, Hans, Peter and Wilma thought. This is how Wijkwijzer Noordoost was created in 2019.

The Wijkwijzer aims to strengthen mutual contacts and to make the supply, initiatives and services in the neighborhood visible. In this way we contribute to a lively Utrecht Northeast. The Wijkwijzer is a platform and network in the Utrecht Noordoost district that brings residents (initiatives), organizations, locations and entrepreneurs together.

We offer an online platform, visibility of activities and organize (network) meetings and meetups.

What is the Noordoost neighborhood guide?

An online platform with an agenda and supply and demand of the neighborhood, maintained by neighborhood residents and neighborhood partners
A walk-in on Friday morning in Griftsteede where residents can go with their questions, the wish is also to organize this at other places and times in the neighborhood
A lively network between local residents, residents' initiatives, professional organizations and self-employed people
Meetups (whether or not by theme) to strengthen each other and meet in the neighborhoods

Who are behind the neighborhood guide?
The Wijkwijzer Noordoost team consists of Wilma, Hans and Peter (residents of Noordoost) who have enjoyed living in the neighborhood for years and are committed to the neighborhood in various ways.

Knowing more?
Check out the website and follow us on facebook. Walk into the Griftsteede in the Griftpark on Friday morning between 10 and 12 noon. Or send an email to [email protected]
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