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Our starting point is that everyone should be able to volunteer. Volunteering offers an improved quality of life, structure, contacts and an opportunity to use and increase opportunities and qualities.

Volunteering is not comparable to regular work. With volunteering you can work on your own goals, but as a volunteer you are also part of a volunteering organisation, you contribute to the goals of that organisation, you are often of significance to others and you meet other people. It is precisely being meaningful that makes volunteering so valuable and satisfying to do.

Motivation is very important for volunteering. In addition, it is important that you are reliable and that you keep to your promises. Furthermore, there are many differences in every volunteering organisation and every opportunity. Take a look at the volunteering opportunities or discuss them with the organisation in an introductory meeting.


This magazine contains six great stories of inspiring volunteers, each with their own reason for volunteering. Three refugees, someone who lost a loved one and wanted to turn his fortune, someone who got stuck in her work and an ex-tbs'er (detention under hospital orders) tells what the added value of volunteering is for him. 


Trajectory guide

For those who find it difficult to take the first step themselves, we offer short guidance in finding suitable voluntary work. Together with an adviser, you will find out which support and/or guidance is desirable to get started as a volunteer. We also help with contacting the organization and, if necessary, guide you during an introductory meeting. Also for New Utrechters we offer this extra guidance.

Job coaching for special volunteers

Do you need more extensive coaching and guidance in finding voluntary work and during the familiarisation period with a volunteer organisation? Then the offer of Wij3.0 and de Wilg might be appropriate.

Guidance meetings

We regularly organise orientation meetings for people who are looking for suitable volunteering opportunities.

Contact persons

Peter van Baarzel
Peter van Baarzel[email protected]06 - 8263 8772
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