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Het Vogelnest

About Het Vogelnest

The Bird's Nest is a nature play location for primary schools in Utrecht and the surrounding area. Because we have existed for more than fifty years, we are known to many Utrecht residents.

Every year, more than 4000 toddlers (groups 1 and 2) come to this special place during school trips. The bird's nest consists of a playing field with loose and fixed play objects and a large interior space with a nursery hall and storytelling loft.

Beautiful location to get out of the city, and active in the green!

The Bird's Nest is located on the Rhijnauwenselaan in Bunnik. Surrounded by natural and cultural beauty, such as the Rhijnauwen estate, the Rhijnauwen fort, the beautiful forest and estate of Amelisweerd, farm estate and market gardens.

Children can lose their egg on the climbing and scrambling houses, trees, seesaws, the slide and in the sandpit. But they also enjoy themselves with loose play materials, such as carts, bicycles, shovels, branches and straw. The playground is surrounded by a fence, so toddlers can wander between the grass and trees. There are old and new fruit trees and depending on the season you may even be able to harvest a few things. A "Willow Village" is also being built.

In short: a lot to discover!

The building has a simple kitchen, toilets, a large hall and a storytelling loft. Even in bad weather it is no problem to entertain the children indoors, because there is plenty of play material available.

Who make this play location possible?

The Bird's Nest is a foundation that works with professionals on a voluntary basis. They maintain the terrain, the play objects, the building, the contact with the schools and schedule the schedules. But they are not present on the location itself. There is no staff present. The Bird's Nest is designed in such a way that the tenants open and close the doors themselves.

All of this has been running for over 50 years. But help is needed to keep it going for the next 50 years.
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Recently added opportunities

Handy handyman / woman for maintenance Play location Het Vogelnest
Organisation role · 1–2 hrs/Week
Handy handyman / woman for maintenance Play location Het Vogelnest
Our playground and group accommodation have just been renovated, but of course sometimes something breaks. It would be nice if someone could look into it...Posted by Het Vogelnest
Organisation role · 1–4 hrs/Week
Fancy a day of gardening on Rijnauwen? We meet every 2 weeks. Once on Saturday and the other time on Sunday from 10.30-13.00 for maintenance of greenery.Posted by Het Vogelnest


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