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Algemene voorwaarden VC Utrecht

voor inschrijving en gebruik vacaturebank

Despite the constant care and attention we pay to the composition of this website, it is possible that the information published is incomplete or incorrect. The information is regularly updated and any changes may be made at any time with immediate effect and without notice. If you are of the opinion that pages on this website are incorrect or outdated, please contact the webmaster.


The accounts on our website are for and by volunteers and organizations. Users of our website can create their own opportunities, events and workshops (all with a clear link to volunteering) and publish them on our website. This information is regularly checked, but VC Utrecht is not responsible for its content and timeliness. Entered data will never be given to others/third parties.

It is not permitted to include contact details in opportunity texts and/or organisational accounts (e-mail, telephone number, etc.). You can place these in the separate fields provided for this purpose. The webmaster of VC Utrecht is entitled to remove accounts, opportunities, events and workshops of which the content has no link with voluntary effort, the impression exists that these are not seriously composed, contain offensive and/or coarse texts and in case of unauthorized use. VC Utrecht also reserves the right to modify accounts and opportunities if they are not fully completed, contain contact details, are used for other purposes or by layout or content the corporate identity of the website and / or the working method of the job board disturb.

Conditions for the use of vacancy bank VC Utrecht

The digital job board is explicitly intended for volunteers and civil society organisations, i.e. foundations, associations, cooperatives and idealistic organisations/initiatives without legal form and without profit motive, which work (together) with volunteers. We follow the guidelines of the NOV (Dutch Voluntary Organizations).

The job bank is public and accessible to everyone. VC Utrecht assumes correct use of this website by potential volunteers and by organizations that post their vacancies. If you have any complaints about this, you can mail them to us. Because of the publicity VC Utrecht is not responsible for contacts made through this site.

A posted vacancy for volunteer work must meet the following conditions: 

1. does not concern a position that was filled by a paid employee less than a year ago;

2. does not require more than 20 hours of commitment per week;

3. does not concern cleaning work (which may only be part of a job) or other work that is generally regarded as paid work;

4. voluntary work takes place in the municipality of Utrecht or one of the neighbouring villages Nieuwegein, IJsselstein, Harmelen, Houten, Vechten, Bunnik, Zeist, De Bilt, Groenekan, Oud Zuilen, Maarsseveen or Maarssen*.

* Provincial and national organisations with activities in Utrecht can also post vacancies.


A cooperative is only allowed to work with volunteers if the articles of association or regulations explicitly state that the profits made by the cooperative are not returned to its individual members, but are used for a collective, social interest (source: NOV). If this is the case, you can work with volunteers and therefore also recruit volunteers via our digital job board. A condition is that as soon as you create an account, you also email us a copy of your cooperative's statutes or regulations.

NV, BV, VOF and sole proprietorship

An NV, BV, VOF or sole proprietorship is not allowed to work with volunteers, because their legal form is of a commercial nature and this is not related to the nature of voluntary work. They cannot therefore recruit volunteers via the digital job board.

In addition to the commercial legal forms, there may be a foundation that develops social activities that are carried out by volunteers. Volunteers who are active within such a foundation obviously cannot be deployed for tasks within the NV, BV, VOF or sole proprietorship.

Voluntary work and social enterprise 

Are you a social enterprise that wants to make use of our services? This is possible if you are a foundation, association, cooperative or idealistic organisation/initiative without a legal form and profit motive.

Are you a social enterprise that is a BV, NV, VOF or sole proprietorship? 

Then we would like to work with you in a different way! For example, on the Stock Exchange floor, which we organise every year, or by means of socially involved entrepreneurship. Please contact us for the possibilities.


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