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What to expect?

On this website we created an overview of free e-learning modules that are interesting for volunteers. From recruiting volunteers to conversational skills or dealing with a mild intellectual disability. We have collected almost fifty modules.

The modules are divided into different categories, such as video, e-learning, online articles and online courses. You can also immediately see how long a component takes to complete. To make it even easier you can search this site. You can do this in the search bar at the top right of your screen. Sometimes not all e-learnings are immediately visible. Click on 'Show more' at the bottom. Have fun learning!

Create your own e-learning?

For many organisations it is challenging to transfer the knowledge of experienced people to new volunteers. E-learning can be a solution to secure this knowledge within your organisation for a longer period of time, in an inexpensive and simple way.

With e-learning you can teach your volunteers knowledge and skills remotely, via their own computer or smartphone. This can be in the form of an online course, a webinar, a forum or as preparation or addition to a training course.

Every organisation is different. We can help you become familiar with the possibilities that e-learning offers your organisation. We are happy to talk to you about the goals you have in mind, the e-learnings that are most suitable for this, the technique that is needed and even the design and content of your e-learning.

We have already supported several organisations in creating an e-learning. Would you also like to discuss e-learning? Please contact us at: [email protected] or 06 8215 9358

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Noortje van der Meer
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The possibilities of E-learning

The possibilities of e-learning

Mariëlle van Rooij of Taal Doet Meer: 'Taal Doet Meer is exploring the possibilities of e-learning together with VC Utrecht, next to our trainings and workshops in person. We want to take a step into online learning by offering prior knowledge, exchanging knowledge and offering the opportunity to learn at your own pace'.



In addition to e-learning, there is also a lot to learn for Utrecht volunteers through our workshop programme. Every year we offer about 70 free workshops, divided over the themes of volunteer recruitment, coaching, fundraising, communication and personal and organizational development. The program is different every month.

Create your own e-learning?

Create your own e-learning?

Home-made e-learning can offer volunteering organisations a lot: an opportunity to train (new) volunteers directly, retaining the knowledge of outgoing volunteers and creating space to discuss experiences during physical meetings. Fortunately, creating your own e-learning does not have to be difficult or expensive. There are online programs with which you can create a simple e-learning, without any knowledge about programming.



On this page we try to provide as complete an overview as possible of e-learnings of interest to volunteers. However, we don't manage that alone! Because new e-learnings are constantly being added and we probably overlook things as well, we like to hear suggestions. So do you know of any e-learning, online video or course that is still missing? Let us know! Call or email Noortje. This can be done via: [email protected] or 06 - 8215 9358.

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