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About AFS Utrecht

AFS Intercultural Programs is a volunteer organization that is part of a global network (60 partners worldwide) that offers young people and families an open view of a multicultural society and globalized world through intercultural learning experiences.

Also in the Flanders-Netherlands region (the Low Lands), AFS wants to give all people - regardless of their background, religion, financial possibilities or level of education - the opportunity to learn intercultural and develop themselves as active global citizens who contribute to a just world.

To this end, AFS organizes international exchanges for students and young adults (worldwide) and for families (in the Netherlands). In addition, AFS is a worldwide volunteer community that also offers exciting and enriching volunteer work in the Netherlands to both young people and adults.

In the Netherlands and Flanders, more than 1,000 volunteers (supported by a professional staff of a total of 13 people for the Low Lands) are committed to supporting the AFS programs and fulfilling the AFS mission.

If you also want to experience the #AFSeffect, sign up quickly! A committee such as Utrecht and surroundings works with young and adult volunteers. A nice mix of people.
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