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De Parkgraaf, Centrum voor Revalidatie en Herstel

About De Parkgraaf, Centrum voor Revalidatie en Herstel

The Parkgrave

De Parkgraaf, the new center for rehabilitation and recovery, opened its doors in Utrecht at the beginning of December 2014. De Parkgraaf offers a comfortable and stimulating stay to anyone who is recovering or
rehabilitates after an operation, illness or accident.

The center specializes in rehabilitation therapy for people with COPD and people who have had a brain haemorrhage or stroke (CVA). People recovering from cancer or hip surgery, for example, can also visit De Parkgraaf.

The center has 120 comfortable rooms, tastefully decorated and completely adapted to the needs of the rehabilitators. They stay in De Parkgraaf for a few weeks to a maximum of three months.

What can you bring as a volunteer?
As a volunteer you can support the rehabilitators in their recovery in various ways.

You can bring relaxation and conviviality in the various bistros by socializing, drinking coffee and playing a game.

You can support with meals in our restaurant at different times of the day. The revalidants have breakfast and lunch in a buffet style. Dinner is served.

Rehabilitation is hard work. Rehabilitators go to physiotherapy and other forms of therapy almost daily. As a volunteer you can support the collection and delivery of the revalidant.

Team wellness offers a diverse activity program for relaxation and entertainment. You can support this by helping team welfare with the activities.

We are looking for volunteers who can work fairly independently and who enjoy having new contacts all the time.

Do you not feel at home with the above? There are many other options for volunteering in one of our nursing or care homes. Consider, for example, tasks such as updating our cable newspaper, supporting the technical service, hostess in the restaurant, etc., etc. The list is actually endless.

We invite you to talk to us without obligation about the possibilities for you as a volunteer.

What is arranged for the volunteers at AxionContinu?
In addition to paying a lot of attention to our clients, we also pay a lot of attention to you. In various ways we show that you belong and that we are grateful for your contribution. For example through an extensive training program, we celebrate the volunteer party together with you and of course you are also very welcome at the Christmas drink.
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Cover Photos

De Parkgraaf, Centrum voor Revalidatie en Herstel

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