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Senioren Leidsche Rijn

About Senioren Leidsche Rijn

The KBO Leidsche Rijn focuses on the over 50s of the entire Leidsche Rijn region. All seniors in Vleuten / De Meern / Haarzuilens, Montfoort and the new housing estates in Leidsche Rijn are very welcome.

The KBO stands up for the interests of the elderly in the broadest sense of the word. She organizes many activities, both cultural and social, and certainly also in the field of meaning and support.

The seniors are the focus. KBO Leidsche Rijn, with approx. 900 members, is one of the eighteen departments that make up the provincial KBO Utrecht with a total of approx. 10,000 members. This in turn is one of the eleven unions of the national Union KBO that has entered into a partnership with the national PCOB on 1 January 2017.

KBO-PCOB together have approximately 250,000 members, making KBO-PCOB one of the largest senior citizens' association in the Netherlands. Each department and association is completely independent with its own statutes, its own board, and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

KBO Leidsche Rijn uses the three O's: Enterprising, Researching and Supporting.

Entrepreneurial in the form of activities for both the older and the younger senior. Of course still KKK (playing cards, playing cards, chatting), but also many activities that appeal to younger seniors such as theme meetings about current topics. Culture in the form of city walks, museum visits, etc. Also attention to Social Media, information and ... too much to mention.

Researching in the field of social changes in order to optimally represent the interests of seniors at the municipal government. This advocacy is done in collaboration with other organizations such as at the local level with the COSBO city of Utrecht.

Supporting seniors by having VOAs (voluntary counselors for the elderly) who can go with the most diverse questions. Having HUBAs (help with tax returns) and the national service and lawyer telephone.

A fourth O should not be missing. The O of Open for all seniors. KBO Leidsche Rijn is open to all seniors from 50 years old in the region, regardless of his or her religion. But the Catholic foundation is our important starting point.
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