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Resto VanHarte Utrecht

About Resto VanHarte Utrecht

Resto VanHarte is an organization that brings people in the neighborhood into contact with each other at the table. The goal is to meet and to prevent isolation and loneliness. We spoil our guests with a tasty, fresh and sustainable 3-course meal and something special to experience. For example, all kinds of activities are organized around the meal. Bodies in the neighborhood that can mean something to residents can sit at the table and present themselves. The meal costs 7 euros and for people with a U-Pass there is a special discount, children up to 12 years receive a 50% discount. All kinds of good reasons, but the main reason to come for dinner: it's fun!

We regularly have vacancies. Do you enjoy cooking, are you flexible, hospitable and do you enjoy giving our guests a pleasant evening? Sign In!
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