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SV Kampong Cricket

About SV Kampong Cricket

Kampong Cricket is a lively, 118-year-old cricket club with approximately 150 members. Kampong Cricket is one big family and a place for cricketers of all levels.

We are an ambitious and social association with members from all over the world. Dutch, Australians, New Zealanders, Nepalese, South Africans, Afghans, Indians, Pakistanis and Sri Lankans.

All proud that we can call Kampong Cricket home.

A home with its own clubhouse, the Charles Verheyen Pavilion. A grass wicket with ODI status and 13 grass pitches. Two more artificial grass pitches and the best (indoor) training facilities you could wish for. 11 teams (men, women and youth) that compete at various levels in the KNCB competition and the very best lunches and BBQs from cricket-based Netherlands.

Kampong Cricket is part of the Federation S.V. Kampong together with Hockey, Football, Tennis, Squash and Jeu de Boules.
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