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Stichting Axioncontinu, locatie De Ingelanden

About Stichting Axioncontinu, locatie De Ingelanden

Foundation for housing, care and rehabilitation.
Living at home, that's what it's about. But what is at home? Home is the place where you feel at home.
Feeling at home is the core of living in De Ingelanden. Because there are six to eight residents living in a residential group (small-scale living), there is a lot of mutual contact.

In addition to group homes for elderly people with dementia, De Ingelanden also offers accommodation to people with a non-congenital brain injury. Each resident has their own room. The common living room offers plenty of space for running the household. The courtyards and garden offer space for relaxation. The residential care center also has a café, a gym, a hairdressing salon, a quiet center and a shop.

The Ingelanden has various activities related to treatment and consultation. Such as medical care, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychosocial care, day activities, philosophical care and recreational activities.

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