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Stichting Verzamelkunst

About Stichting Verzamelkunst

Artist, collector and photographer, Pet van de Luijtgaarden loves to collect. With these collections he propagates a unique form of art, bringing to light materialism and never having enough. Tour d'artistique is a project that brings art to the people. It is the ideal way to introduce art to people who are not likely to visit a traditional museum or exhibition. This is accompanied by a large group of voluntary participants who will provide caravans with themes (collections).

With this aim in mind, art producer Mothership and artist Pet van de Luijtgaarden join forces and present the concept Tour d'artistique.

The Concept | Tour d'artistique

The Tour d'artistique is a caravan of 27 different caravans full of special collections. The caravan travels throughout the country. The invasion of colorful caravans stops for a week at each location. The interior and exterior of the caravans will all contain one of Pet's collections. This way, every caravan gets its own theme. The caravans can be made prior to the tour in collaboration with, for example, schools, healthcare institutions or fellow artists as a participation project. The different caravans will gather at one place at the start of the caravan. The Tour d'artistique gives everyone the opportunity to visit the art caravans in their neighborhood.
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