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Stichting Thuisgekookt

About Stichting Thuisgekookt

Cooked at home allows neighbors to meet by sharing food. Not everyone likes to cook and sometimes you just can't make yourself a tasty, fresh and above all healthy meal (every day). Some people love to cook and enjoy making meals for others. Home cooking brings these people together. Anyone who cannot or does not want to cook can pick up a meal from a neighbor and immediately get to know someone from the neighborhood.

At the moment, 11,500 home cooks are affiliated and more than 50,000 meals are shared per year via Thuisook. For example, a woman of 92 who has difficulty with cooking for which someone in the same street cooks a plate 1, 2 or sometimes even 3 times a week and even brings it home if necessary. An outcome in today's society in which we intend to live at home longer and make more use of our own network.
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