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Welkom In Utrecht

About Welkom In Utrecht

Welcome In Utrecht wants to allow refugees to become part of Dutch society as quickly and as effectively as possible (even if this is temporary), making use of the potential and involvement of residents from that same society.

We bring refugees into contact with people who - in their own way - encourage them to participate positively in society. They do this by offering various activities by, for and / or with refugees in the broadest sense of the word. This includes not only activities in the field of language, sports and culture, but also jointly undertaking activities such as cooking, walking, eating, discussing and DIY. Welcome In Utrecht also organizes activities itself.

Welcome to Utrecht offers a platform that shows which initiatives for refugees exist in the city of Utrecht and how volunteers (including providers of activities / initiators) can contribute to this.
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Recently added opportunities

Buddy family
Organisation role · 1–5 hrs/Week
Buddy family
Become a buddy family of a 'refugee family' to do fun things together and enlarge the world of the newcomers.Posted by Welkom In Utrecht
Begeleider naar museum
Organisation role · 2–4 hrs/Week
Begeleider naar museum
Begeleiders kunnen mee naar het Centraal Museum met de bus vanaf het azc en gaan in gesprek met de azc-bewoners in het museum zelf.Posted by Welkom In Utrecht


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