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Youth for Christ Utrecht

About Youth for Christ Utrecht

Youth for Christ Netherlands is a foundation that seeks out young people, helps them to grow and wants to offer them hope for the future. Throughout the Netherlands, Youth for Christ youth work takes different forms. In Utrecht, our expertise lies mainly in the field of girl work.

Within our Utrecht department we have been working with young people in various districts of Utrecht for about ten years. We do this, among other things, by means of weekly and organizing. At the girls' clubs we use the SuperWoman method in which we work with the girls on a positive self-image, dreams for the future and discovering talents.

In our work among teenage girls, we come across many girls who need one on one contact. In addition, we notice that many Utrecht women, working or student, would very much like to volunteer for someone else. It is important here that this can be done in a flexible way. At a time and moment that is feasible for them and in a way that suits them. This is how the idea arose to start "Like YOU", so that we can link the supply and demand that we notice and stand side by side as women.

Our office and youth building is located in Zuilen. We also organize community work from this location. In this we try to collaborate or support existing initiatives as much as possible. A number of projects we are working on are the Holiday Bible Feeest, the Holiday Bible Club, Prayer Nights for young people, Neighborhood parties and Girl parties.
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