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Villa Vrede

About Villa Vrede

Villa Vrede is a day care and activity center for undocumented migrants in Hoograven, Utrecht. The goal of Villa Vrede is to offer people without a residence permit a place where they can meet people, relax and develop further. A place to simply be, to get a face, to feel safe, to build a social network and to be stimulated to self-reliance.

How we do this? By offering a living room where people are always welcome. By cooking a hot meal every day and running the household together. And by setting up activities; from language lessons to sewing lessons and from information meetings about human rights to anti-stress groups.

Villa Vrede is run by approximately 60 volunteers, including people from the target group, and 3 paid employees.

In short, Villa Vrede is a place where everyone can feel welcome.
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Recently added opportunities

Host/hostess for day-care centre and empowerment house for refugees
Organisation role · 4–6 hrs/Week
Host/hostess for day-care centre and empowerment house for refugees
Making people feel at home and help with household choresPosted by Villa Vrede
Organisation role · 1–4 hrs/Week
For finding (new) funds and ways to make the activities of Villa Vrede and its visitors possible.Posted by Villa Vrede


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